The 10km run starts at St Lawrence College. Runners head up to Montreal Rd (traffic will be blocked off), and continue to McConnell Ave. The route will swing around Cotton Mill St and join the bike path at Edward St. The run continues along the bike path until the turnaround. The route back follows the bike path all the way back to the finish line at St Lawrence College.

Note: Do not turn at 5km. The route is not an identical out-and-back. The turnaround is a little bit beyond the 5km marker.

Event Details

Cut-off Time

We wish to provide as much support as possible to our runners and ensure a safe environment. Our finish line closes at 1PM and aid stations earlier based on final runners with a 1PM finish time. Runners who wish to carry on will be doing so at their own risk and unsupported by race aid stations. Those who finish after the official cutoff time, may send us their time for an unofficial finish time, and we will be happy to provide them with a medal.

Race Start & Transportation

The race will start at 10:00AM from St Lawrence College, Cornwall. It is an out and back route.


All athletes must run the complete length of the route. Where the route is on the shared recreation path, runners must stay on the right hand side of the pathway throughout.The approach to the finish line will be well marked. Athletes shall not receive or collect refreshment or water from a place other than the official stations, except where provided for medical reasons from or under the direction of race officials. For the safety of all our participants, running strollers and pets are not permitted on the course.